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Kernow Punks – Capturing the Cornish Punk Scene

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Photos & Graphs by Evan Hess           Layout, Words & Post Production by Jerin Micheal          Cover Image by PEXELS It's time to face our plastic problem Plastics have become an essential part of our daily lives without us even realising it. If it’s not wrapped around your breakfast coffee …


An inside look into Paganism, that actually has depth and not just flashy photos…even though the photos are amazing.


Poppy Marriott is a rising star in the London photography scene, having photographed the likes of Declan McKenna, Black Honey and Peach Club. We chatted to her about finding photography, the importance of lgbtqia+ representation in music and her current creative inspiration. The future looks bright for this young and ambitious photographer, so keep your …


Graduation year is probably one of the scariest moments in a students life. Talented and brave people surround you, trying to find their place in the industry. Exactly like you. In an art school, since the industry you’re getting into is even more complex and the creative minds are usually more developed, is probably even scarier.


Sunshine Tucker was always seeing trash in beautiful places, so she decided to photograph it (and throw it away) to show how annoying it is.


Jim Taylor points his lens to the often forgotten world of the ‘Cornish Punks’.