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A Chat with Sing Street’s Ian Kenny

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A little while has passed since the EP launch of Falmouth’s huge dark-psych rock band Sunbruise, everyone has had a while to digest their music, and pass judgement on their monumental live shows, but I was lucky enough to catch up with them just as this was all fresh in their minds, and still surely …


Nick Neon is one of those young filmmakers who makes me feel amazed and useless at the same time. He directed his first feature film in his mid-twenties, something like five years ago, and is now showing up in different film festivals around the world thanks to his short film, Ultra Bleu, a realistic love …


In a similar spirit to his previous films, Begin Again and Once, John Carney’s Sing Street follows a group of school children in Ireland, kicking up the dirt at Synge Street Christian Brothers school for boys, and forming a band fed by a love for 80s hits.