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A little while has passed since the EP launch of Falmouth’s huge dark-psych rock band Sunbruise, everyone has had a while to digest their music, and pass judgement on their monumental live shows, but I was lucky enough to catch up with them just as this was all fresh in their minds, and still surely …


Graduation year is probably one of the scariest moments in a students life. Talented and brave people surround you, trying to find their place in the industry. Exactly like you. In an art school, since the industry you’re getting into is even more complex and the creative minds are usually more developed, is probably even scarier.


Last week saw the opening of the exhibition Interior-Shift at the old Stones Bakery in Falmouth. What, until recently was a popular but tiny bakery*, has now been renovated by a group of young artists in exchange for temporary use of the space.                         …


Sunshine Tucker was always seeing trash in beautiful places, so she decided to photograph it (and throw it away) to show how annoying it is.


Bringing a bit of the deep south to Cornwall, Falmouth’s new bar, Hillbilly’s, is the place to be for a night of music, moonshine, and madness. On a chilly Friday night, we paid a visit to Falmouth’s newest nightlife edition, Hillbilly’s. The American themed bar promises to offer ‘fresh food, strong cider, stronger Moonshine and …


‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’ is definitely what the doctor ordered in the pirate’s paradise that is Falmouth and what better place to sample a selection of the maritime favourite than ‘The Brig.’


After the recent warm weather we’ve had, I was surprised to arrive at a coffee shop with Sam Prentice (better known as brooding dark pop sensation CYMK) dressed in an oversized black top with a black hat.