Review: Hillbilly’s, Falmouth

Fancy a knee-slappin' good time?

Bringing a bit of the deep south to Cornwall, Falmouth’s new bar, Hillbilly’s, is the place to be for a night of music, moonshine, and madness.

On a chilly Friday night, we paid a visit to Falmouth’s newest nightlife edition, Hillbilly’s. The American themed bar promises to offer ‘fresh food, strong cider, stronger Moonshine and rootin’ tootin’ knee slappin’ly good vibes’, and boy oh boy does it deliver. The sea-side town undeniably has a reputation for an abundance of quirky independent bars and restaurants, yet Hillbilly’s still manages to stand out of the crowd, even in its early days.

The bar was opened earlier this year by owner and resident barman, Mark Hill. The Newquay based self-confessed redneck, previously founded the first surf school for the disabled in Europe, handcrafting much of the equipment with his own fair hands, before later embarking on the creation of Hillbilly’s. His bar is filled to the brim with eccentric interior touches, such as the bathtub, banjo, and wheelbarrow, which well and truly exhibit his creativity and mirror his personality. Never far from a straw hat, Mark and his capable one-eyed canine Quasi’s hospitality really forms the foundation of a tangible light-hearted atmosphere of joviality and hilarity. This, in tandem, with a unique drinks selection, including apple pie moonshine and home-brewed rhubarb and custard cider, equate to a granny-slappin’ good night.

Small it may be, but Hillbilly’s isn’t short of events. From weekly silent discos and twister competitions to hosting a range of live acts, each night has something to offer. The downstairs space, decked out with hay bales and all, facilitates the dance based nights whilst open mic and music acts perform ‘in the tub’ upstairs. Currently, the only bar is situated upstairs but progress is underway to install a second bar downstairs also to allow for a greater capacity of customers. All drinks (excl. doubles and soda) are priced at £3.50 as we speak because, in Mark’s own words, he’s “shit at maths”, which proved reasonable considering the uncommon range on offer. This, alongside the food menu stating it will be filled in when he ‘hits something with his truck,’ go some way to highlight the character that is Mark himself who really is the best part of the place.

In just weeks the bar has made its mark on the town and we’re excited to see what is to come over time as it evolves. So if you’ve got a-hankerin’ for a night quite like no other you’ve experienced in Falmouth, check out Hillbilly’s.