Illustration Challenge: How Will You Die?

How will you die? Not something you want to think about, except we decided to make some illustrators do just that.

By Joe Smith

We wanted to ask a group of illustrators to depict something really strange, we deliberated for a while and decided on the dark but interesting question of ‘How Will You Die?’ Both sad and morbidly funny, here is the eclectic group of fantastic illustrations we received and the illustrator’s description of why they chose to create what they did.

By Simone Levine

The piece that I created in response to the brief, “How will you die?” deals with the concept of overthinking. When trying to think of an answer to the question “how will you die?” I felt I was reading way too far into the question, and realized that thinking too hard about things will probably eventually be the way that I die.

The piece is meant to depict a head, having imploded and dissolved from working too hard.

By Kathryn Murden

“Death by Wardrobe” (watercolour and ink)

The illustration depicts the entirety of my clothes crushing me to death in my room. It is supposed to be comical and comment on my love of shopping and clothes, of course, but also on the issue of consumerism today.

My life is quite cluttered, in multiple senses.

I think that this painting captures my artistic style which is often busy and humorous, and always focused on detail.

By Joe Smith

I tried to consider the inevitability of it all, especially in the caption.

I also thought about the internalisation of death, it’s something everyone has to accept at some point. I wanted to show the mind without the illustration being super violent so I opted for a technical diagram style of illustration instead of anything super graphic.

By Becky Hume

Anyone who knows me will know I am a full on workaholic, I’m always covering shifts and find it virtually impossible to say no.

I honestly think that working for this particular company will be the death of me

So I have created a quick collage illustration of me stuck to a pizza box.

By Alana Edwards

I depicted an image of my dog peacefully buried underground to symbolize that whenever my dog dies I will figuratively die too.

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