‘Everything I stand for revolves around feminism and equality’ – Poppy Marriott Interview

An Interview with the Photographer Poppy Marriott

Poppy Marriott is a rising star in the London photography scene, having photographed the likes of Declan McKenna, Black Honey and Peach Club. We chatted to her about finding photography, the importance of lgbtqia+ representation in music and her current creative inspiration. The future looks bright for this young and ambitious photographer, so keep your eyes peeled!

Poppy Marriott

How did you get into photography?

It’s kind of a funny story actually! Ok, maybe not funny but it’s definitely a weird one. So I was sexually assaulted at a gig when I was 18, and this was at a time when gigs were literally my life, and when I realised I couldn’t be in a crowd because of what had happened to me, music photography presented itself to me as something to combine the best of both worlds. I was studying photography at the time and it just sort of all came together after I was attacked.
Poppy Marriott

Why do you think it is so important to document women and lgbtqia+ people in your work?

Being a queer person, for me, representation is important.
Not seeing people who look like you in magazines can really screw a young queer person up
(it definitely did to me) and it just sort of became a natural progression. I used to run a music blog and the amount of four-piece, straight white male bands we’d have submitted to us just eventually drove me fucking crazy. So I got rid of all of them and now I only shoot them if I’m genuinely inspired by them (or if I have to for work.)
Poppy Marriott


You describe yourself as an avid feminist, how does this feed into your work?

It became something I couldn’t actually avoid after I started properly working, everything I do and everything I stand for revolves around feminism and equality, so it’s literally impossible for that not to feed into my artwork.

Can you explain a little about why you choose to shoot in film instead of digitally?

It’s very much a personal thing, I shoot film because it makes me really think about the photos I’m taking. I first tried shooting film because of Nan Goldin (my fav ever photographer) and I wanted to try to emulate the feel of her images, and since then I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. I just think it tells the story of the photo so much more than I ever could with digital.
Poppy Marriott

Your photos often have strong colour palettes, how do you go about deciding on colour and composition? Or is it serendipitous?

It’s definitely not always intentional, the majority of my visual inspiration comes from films and directors such as Wes Anderson, Sofia Coppola etc.etc., and I also love Jean Luc-Godard’s posters as visual and colour inspirations. I also love making a statement with my work, because it’s often representative of ‘not just straight white males’ I like it to be quite in your face and have very powerful photos-
so I don’t shy away from bright colours and high contrast.
Poppy Marriott


Do you have a favourite project you have worked on?

I really love when I get to work with an artist directly, especially when we share a similar “artistic vision,” so everything I do with Peach Club is always a blast because we work so well, I love working with Zyra and Black Honey too for the same reasons. I find when you have that connection with the artist, the work and the creativity just flows and comes so naturally. I also love the cover shoot I did with Declan McKenna because he’s a mate of mine and it was his first major cover, so it was really cool to share that with him as an artist and as a pal.
Poppy Marriott

Who are your main inspirations at the moment?

There’s waaaay too many to even start listing them and they change so regularly, I have an Instagram with my current visual inspo and a Pinterest!!!! but my always fav photographers are Nan Goldin, Petra Collins and then pals of mine, Charlotte Patmore, Neelam Khan Vela and Eli Beristain. All amazing gals who are changing up the industry.
Poppy Marriott

You can see more of Poppy’s work at poppymarriott.co.uk