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Joe Portlock’s Harrowing Images of the Grenfell Tower Fire

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Recently when looking up synonyms for the term Self-Love on an online thesaurus, I was disheartened to find that the only results that appeared were the words egotism, conceit, narcissism, vainglory and vanity. Such Negativity. From this exercise and further research, I came to the conclusion that under general consensus, it is ‘bad’ to love …


Whether you love it or aren’t so keen, theres no denying that the festive season places a burden on not just our wallets, but the planet too. The high energy usage and excess waste produced at this time of year is not very good news for the planet, but never fear! With these tips you …


Photos & Graphs by Evan Hess           Layout, Words & Post Production by Jerin Micheal          Cover Image by PEXELS It's time to face our plastic problem Plastics have become an essential part of our daily lives without us even realising it. If it’s not wrapped around your breakfast coffee …


In the 1970’s across America, Australia and the UK, Punk music flooded the mainstream for one of the briefest periods in music’s history. Bands from either side of the pond like the Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Dammed all took their respective countries by storm with an aggression and clash unity the likes of which …


Alan Wall shares his fond memories of his beloved Lambretta scoother, keeping MOD culture alive. By Elle Riley 


BUGS, St.Austell, was one of the first rifle clubs inaugurated for the blind and visually impaired.


Sally Scourfield has battled three different types of Cancer – Bowel Cancer, Endometrial Cancer and Non-Hodgekins Lymphoma.


After the tin mining industry started to decline in the 1970’s, Cornwall lost one of its main industries, leaving many of its workers without jobs with families to support. The remains of the industry still stands along the landscape of Cornwall, a reminder of the past heritage of the county. However there is one independent …


Someone once said that people never change. I can’t remember who. We live in a day and age where many of us consider ourselves increasingly politically aware.


Amongst the unfortunate company of terms such as “squad”, “basic” and “lit”, “millennial” is a buzzword that’s risen to notoriety in recent years and seems to frequent our screens more than ever but what does it really mean? Should we be content with this label?