Bringing a bit of the deep south to Cornwall, Falmouth’s new bar, Hillbilly’s, is the place to be for a night of music, moonshine, and madness. On a chilly Friday night, we paid a visit to Falmouth’s newest nightlife edition, Hillbilly’s. The American themed bar promises to offer ‘fresh food, strong cider, stronger Moonshine and …


Amongst the unfortunate company of terms such as “squad”, “basic” and “lit”, “millennial” is a buzzword that’s risen to notoriety in recent years and seems to frequent our screens more than ever but what does it really mean? Should we be content with this label?


‘Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’ is definitely what the doctor ordered in the pirate’s paradise that is Falmouth and what better place to sample a selection of the maritime favourite than ‘The Brig.’